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A Coffee Chat with Cricket and Krupa” – The Elevated Cybersecurity Risks Due to Geopolitical Unrest

The last several years have brought on unprecedented world events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These events have garnered the world’s attention, and, unfortunately, the attention of individual cyber criminals and sophisticated criminal enterprises looking to exploit chaos for their own benefit. Cybersecurity authorities from around the world, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K., have urged critical infrastructure companies to prepare better for these malicious cyber threats. Since DNS is used by most malware in various stages of execution, all organizations, environments and workers can benefit from expanded DNS security for visibility and protection against cyberattacks.

Join us for our “Coffee Chat with Cricket and Krupa” to discuss the impact the geopolitical turmoil has had on the threat landscape, how to adapt to this changing landscape and the overall importance of having control over your organization’s DNS resolution.

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