Service Provider Solutions

Service Provider Solutions

Infoblox automated network control helps Wireline, Mobile and Cloud operators manage complex IP networks efficiently and effectively. Our automated solutions bring a series of benefits, including improved security for the network infrastructure and for the user, enhanced customer experience by reducing response time for key internet applications and reduced operating costs by eliminating repetitive, manual administrative tasks.

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Secure the Network Infrastructure

One of the most difficult emerging challenges is the advent of sophisticated new security threats including Distributed Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks, especially those aimed at disrupting or disabling service provider infrastructure. DNS is the main technology avenue along which these attacks are launched and service providers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to harden their DNS infrastructure. Infoblox enables service providers to harden their infrastructure against DoS/DDoS and malware threats.


Enhance the Customer Experience

With increasing competition, service providers understand the need to enhance their customers’ experience in order to reduce churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU). While technology refresh often improves network reliability, new issues like application response time can result in a poor user experience – especially for mobile video and social media traffic. Infoblox helps service providers improve network availability and achieve rapid response time by reducing DNS latency for all web-based applications.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Service providers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase staff productivity. As a key element of cost competitiveness, productivity improvement for key technical staff cannot be achieved if they are working on the wrong things. Infoblox helps improve operational efficiency by automating many of the routine administrative tasks that impair the productivity of key technical staff. Patented Infoblox Grid technology automates routine technical administrative tasks and eliminates manual configuration errors that otherwise increase the risk of outages.

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