Many IT organizations are replacing physical infrastructure with virtual machines. Virtualization has increased network capacity and lowered costs, and has changed the playing field for many organizations constrained by limited budgets for equipment and staff. Virtualization has also made manual processes nearly impossible to use for managing continuous changes to IP addresses and DNS records.

By contrast, automated network control solutions take full advantage of this new technology, and provision virtual devices with lightning speed. Infoblox solutions automate the assigning, mapping and configuring of IP addresses, and are tightly integrated with VMware.

Automation Enables Virtualization’s Benefits

Automated network solutions allow organizations to expand their use of virtualization and benefit from:

  • Reducing capital expenditures for physical infrastructure and equipment
  • Scaling services to meet cyclical demand in real time by increasing infrastructure with virtualization
  • Cutting down the time to value by using virtual solutions instead of the lengthy process of placing IT infrastructure into service to support business needs
  • Supporting next generation data centers that use virtual infrastructure instead of physical installations
  • Using IT resources, both physical and human, more efficiently by using virtualized environments to augment IT equipment, increase capability and perform routine processes

Incorporating virtualization through the use of network automation from Infoblox, organizations can realize its many advantages, including freeing up valuable IT resources from manual tasks, thereby allowing those resources instead to expand their IT functionality, respond to new revenue opportunities, and implement cost reduction strategies.