Infoblox Switch Port Manager

Infoblox Switch Port Manager

Network Device Monitoring and End Host Mapping

Switch Port Manager provides comprehensive views and management of multi-vendor switches, incorporating current and historical views of IP, MAC, port, VLAN mappings and network device topology. Users can definitively show what device used which IP address and where they are in the network.

Discover and Track

Switch Port Manager offers complete network discovery and dynamic inventory for multi-vendor devices for both physical aspects as well as logical components such as VLANs, routers, HSRP/VRRP peers, and subnets. Also track end hosts connected to switches with detail views of current and historical status for improved troubleshooting or to find rogue devices.

Eliminate Waste

Switch Port Manager displays which ports are free, used and available, so you can easily see which switches are running out of capacity. The solution eliminates the guesswork so you can safely reclaim unused ports which eliminates waste and adds capacity.

Integration for Comprehensive IPAM

When integrated with the Trinzic DDI solution, Switch Port Manager lets you manage switch ports, network components and IP addresses within a single platform. The single interface shows the end device, where it has been, and how it connects through the network.

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For maximum flexibility, Infoblox technology is available on purpose-built physical appliances as well as on a variety of virtual platforms, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. To find out what’s right for your needs, check out our appliance catalog.


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