Infoblox Trinzic® Reporting

Infoblox Trinzic® Reporting

Detailed Visibility at Your Fingertips, Zero Performance Impact on Core Services

Trinzic Reporting leverages the Infoblox platform for DNS, DHCP and IPAM to provide long-term network reporting, trending and tracking. Instead of manually cobbling together reports one-by-one, Trinzic Reporting provides pre-built reports for easier administration and robust monitoring. Reporting in a separate appliance means zero overhead on your core network DDI services.

Easier Deployment

Instead of purchasing a data collection engine, building complex scripts and maintaining reports with over-burdened staff, the Trinzic Reporting appliance is practically plug-and-play. The platform is completely integrated and maintained by Infoblox experts, so users are certain the data is correct and accurate.

Improve Efficiency

Trinzic Reporting provides the robust historical data set, rich filtering requirements and pre-packaged options to quickly compile useful reports in a matter of seconds. Take the guesswork out of data analysis by automating the collection, tabulation, correlation and presentation of key business parameters.

Plan Better

Trinzic Reporting’s detailed trending capabilities help accurately forecast growth by tracking how fast the network is changing and what types of services people are accessing. In addition, Trinzic Reporting tracks network usage to identify resources that are over and underutilized, and can pinpoint heavy users and what top sites are being queried.

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