Infoblox NetMRI®

Infoblox NetMRI®

Reduce Risk of Downtime and Lower Administrator Workload

NetMRI provides automatic network discovery, switch port management, network change automation and continuous configuration compliance management for multi-vendor routers, switches and other layer 2 and 3 network devices. NetMRI helps customers move from out-of-date spreadsheets, error-prone manual processes like scripts and CLI access and ad hoc audit teams.


NetMRI offers complete network discovery and dynamic inventory for multi-vendor devices for both physical aspects as well as logical components such as VLANs, routes, HSRP/VRRP peers, and subnets. NetMRI also detects end-hosts connected to switches with detail views of current and historical status – with automated sync to the Infoblox IPAM solution.


NetMRI helps users control and maintain consistent networks for both internal best practices/gold standards and external compliance mandates including PCI, NSA, SANS, DISA and others. By automatically comparing each change against policies, NetMRI proactively identifies violations and streamlines the audit process with less time and manual effort.


NetMRI automatically detects network changes and logs each new configuration as well as employs embedded expertise and customizable templates to execute changes. Instead of handling just basic tasks, NetMRI focuses on customizable, dynamic concepts – enabling powerful automation and empowering more staff through automated network control.

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For maximum flexibility, Infoblox technology is available on purpose-built physical appliances as well as on a variety of virtual platforms, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. To find out what’s right for your needs, check out our appliance catalog.


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