IP Address Management (IPAM)

IP Address Management (IPAM)

Every IP Address Need in One Family

The Trinzic IPAM product family includes the base IPAM product (part of the Trinzic DDI bundle), a freeware version, and add-ons for VMware virtualization and Microsoft server environments. IPAM automates and simplifies IP address management for a more resilient network while yielding significant savings in labor and bother.


The Infoblox IP Address Management (IPAM) family of products:

Infoblox Network Insight

Visibility, Efficiency, and Control

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

Automated IP Address Management for Microsoft Private Cloud

Infoblox IPAM Express

Centralized IPAM control from a single interface

Infoblox Trinzic® IPAM for Microsoft

Get the most out of your Microsoft investment

Infoblox IPAM Plug-in for VMware

Automated IP address assignment for VMware

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For maximum flexibility, Infoblox technology is available on purpose-built physical appliances as well as on a variety of virtual platforms, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. To find out what’s right for your needs, check out our appliance catalog.


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DNS, IP address management, and network automation tools.


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Flexible Implementation

Trinzic IPAM is flexibly and seamlessly integrated into Infoblox and other vendors’ products. Integration with VMware and Microsoft is achieved via supported, documented APIs. Changes made in Microsoft are transparently reflected back in Trinzic IPAM.

Network Administrator Efficiencies

The IPAM product family, together and individually, reduce the cost of managing IPAM networks by 70% in pure or mixed Microsoft environments and 300% in VMware virtualization environments.

Complete Solution

The IPAM product family forms a complete solution to IP Address Management. Addresses can be assigned either manually or automatically. The applications that need IP addresses – typically server and virtualization environments – can be served in a consistent, automated manner.