Infoblox DNS Firewall

Infoblox DNS Firewall

Proactive Protection Against DNS-exploiting Malware

Infoblox is leveraging our market leading DNS technologies into industry’s first true DNS Security solution. The Infoblox DNS Firewall protects against DNS-based Malware by proactively preventing clients from becoming infected and by disrupting infected clients’ ability to communicate with the Botnet master controller.


The solution allows definition of hierarchical policies – DNS, Malware, and others – that maximize the usefulness of the Infoblox Malware Data Feed in the customer’s unique environment. You can define policies for a precise response to the threat such as block, redirect, passthru and log.


The Infoblox DNS Firewall stops clients from becoming infected by going to a malware website or clicking on a malicious link. DNS command and control requests from infected clients are not executed, therefore preventing the botnet from operating. All malware activities are logged and reported to pinpoint infected clients.


The Infoblox DNS Firewall leverages comprehensive, accurate, and current malware data to detect and resolve malware weeks to months faster than in-house efforts. The robust data provided by Infoblox is comprehensive in terms of including all known attacks and very accurate in terms of a very low false positive rate.

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For maximum flexibility, Infoblox technology is available on purpose-built physical appliances as well as on a variety of virtual platforms, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. To find out what’s right for your needs, check out our appliance catalog.


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