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Why Move to Cloud-Managed
Network Services

With businesses becoming more dynamic and distributed, the traditional on-premises management method has become expensive, error-prone and slow. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an undeniable effect on businesses and has caused them to rethink almost every aspect of their operations. This has significantly accelerated the pace of digital transformation within businesses as they look to modernize and meet new customer demands. Those that want to move faster and leverage the full potential of digital transformation must not only evolve their network, but also how they manage it.

For many businesses, cloud-managed networking has emerged as a viable alternative to conventional on-premises management. This digitization can simplify operational processes as well as make the network more agile. Cloud-management provides tremendous value to wireless networks, but businesses must start thinking more broadly about this new management model and understand how it can help all network functions.

Join founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, Zeus Kerravala, and Cricket Liu to learn more about:

  • The importance of modernizing your network
  • What distinguishes cloud-managed from on-premises network services
  • The benefits of shifting to cloud-management
  • What to look for in a solution provider
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