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Navigating the New Network With the
Zero Trust Framework and an Adaptable Foundation

Today’s modern network and security architectures are wrestling with a variety of forces that make it difficult to identify the right strategy for organizations. The increase on new network demands from IoT growth, to cloud application and service adoption to the need to support Work from Anywhere, decision makers are struggling to identify the right solutions that support their evolving needs.

Forrester’s Zero Trust (ZT) framework is the modern security architecture blueprint for enterprises to help navigate these network and security challenges. Fundamentally, ZT is about moving away from traditional perimeter-based security approaches and embracing a workload-first, data-driven, and identity-aware security model. While ZT improves security, there’s also a hidden benefit: It’s a critical lever to improve employee experience (EX). Security and productivity are fundamental necessities for the modern enterprise.

Join experts from Infoblox and Forrester for this webinar as they explore the ZT framework, and help enterprises navigate the future with a solid foundation.

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