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Edge Networking Architectures for
the Borderless Enterprise

It’s a dynamic time in enterprise networking. Organizations across the globe are increasingly relying on cloud-based platforms for mission critical applications. Enterprises are realizing the need to enable secure connectivity to a range of endpoints both inside and outside the traditional confines of the enterprise network.

Legacy networks have been built around the idea of the data center as the central control point, but businesses today operate in a much more distributed reality. The key to a modern edge network architecture is a cloud-based platform that allows network operations and security to be managed centrally but distributed to wherever enterprises need to extend traffic too. The borderless enterprise requires a new way of thinking, and a new architecture, one built on cloud-native principles with the tenants of scalability and security engrained in the platform.

Join Infoblox and a guest speaker from IDC for a discussion on edge network challenges, how borders between the datacenter, cloud and edge are evolving, what architectures enterprises are looking for to manage this new reality, and an exploration of the critical role DDI and DNS-Layer security play in achieving a modern, cloud-native enterprise network.

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