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DNS Based Threats:
Is Your Data at Risk?

Like many organizations, you may be thinking “My DNS is already secure” or that you have the adequate technologies in place to protect your network from a DNS exploit. In reality, you may not. DNS is now the #1 attack vector being used as a mechanism for Data exfiltration. Most people either forget or simply don’t realize that DNS is a bi-directional network communication protocol that, due to its nature, is routinely targeted by malware attacks. Traditional, reputation only defense don’t offer adequate protection against these attacks, leaving many organizations open to a substantial loss of data.

Watch Infoblox and Empowered Networks to learn more about DNS Exploitation, sort through the misperceptions, become aware of the facts, and understand the steps that you can take to ensure your network is protected. We can help you:

  • Understand the business and technical risks to organizations that don’t have a dedicated DNS security tool in place
  • Evaluate the perceived and actual security posture of your organization – there is often disparity here
  • Become aware of modern day DNS security attacks and how they work
  • Learn how Infoblox BloxOneTM Threat Defense can help to close the gap and enhance your security posture
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