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Accelerating IR:
What Automated Visibility and Threat Context Can Do

It’s no secret that responding to cybersecurity incidents just takes too long. Add to that the increasingly distributed nature of the modern workforce and time to remediation becomes even more challenging. In most situations, it’s due to the lack of automated access to information that security teams need as soon as a breach is detected — information such as what parts of the network are affected, what devices are breached, or what’s the nature and severity of the attack.

In this fast-paced discussion, Cricket Liu, Infoblox Director of Product Marketing Srikrupa Srivatsan, SANS Analyst Matt Bromiley and Threat Quotient’s John Couch will detail best practices on what key ingredients security pros need to accelerate incident response, as well as how to automate that process to ensure long term success. You’ll also hear how Infoblox customer and EagleView CISO Chris Burch has deployed BloxOne Threat Defense to modernize their remote network security posture.

With organizations rapidly moving workloads to the cloud and supporting a more distributed workforce than ever before, it becomes harder and harder to gain visibility of everything that’s part of their networks, let alone secure them. Watch and you’ll learn how organizations can use data that is already generated as part of their core network services to gain that visibility. And how to automatically marry that data with threat intel context to help security operations teams triage faster and respond to threats with greater speed and efficacy, no matter where the compromise is.

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