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Wall Street Financial Services Firm

“With Infoblox, we went from a world of outages and name resolution issues to rock-solid stability.” —Member of the IT infrastructure team, Wall Street financial service firm


Industry: Financial Services

The Customer

This customer is a Wall Street financial services firm that handles equity and fixed-income trading and manages an investment banking operation. At the time this story was written, the company had been an Infoblox customer for three and a half years.

The Challenge

The company was managing Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) using individual servers in different offices running scripts written in house. This approach had seemed like a good one because the company didn’t have to spend money on a commercial solution.

But according to a member of the IT infrastructure team who supports servers and databases, it was an approach that caused problems down the road. Managing the custom scripts turned out to be highly dependent on the skills and knowledge of the people who developed them, and when those people happened to leave the company, the home-grown solution was left without support.

The team realized that what they needed was a more centralized environment built on reliable tools and backed by a company with recognized expertise.

The Infoblox Solution

Both centralization and reliability could be had by adopting Infoblox Grid™ technology, which combines principles of high-availability such as redundancy, back-and-forth health checking, and automatic failover with central management and a shared database.

“Having DHCP servers that replicate database content and share it with each other, and that are aware of what leases they’ve given out, is definitely a huge win for us,” says the member of the IT team. He cites the centralized Grid interface as another key differentiator of the Infoblox platform.

The Results

The firm hasn’t had a DNS or DHCP outage or problem since the IT infrastructure team rolled the Infoblox solution out. “We went from a world of outages and name resolution issues to rock-solid stability,” says the team member. He notes that so far, the Infoblox solution has been deployed internally, but the IT team has plans to acquire more Infoblox appliances and roll them out into the DMZ and to the servers running the company’s external DNS.

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