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Banta Corporation

Banta corporation replaces time-consuming manual processes, reduces work, and improves data gathering with Infoblox NetMRI.


Industry: Manufacturing


As more of the business units/sites are opting to have the IT staff manage the network for them, the number of devices the lead IT staff needs to monitor is increasing weekly. The time it takes to do this efficiently means they would either need to hire additional staff or find an automated tool that could help them, since manually pulling together all the information needed on a consistent basis could take weeks.


In need of a solution, Banta started a search for products that might be able to help. When they found NetMRI and hooked up the evaluation unit to their network they were amazed at the amount of useful information it was able to generate in such a short time. Prior to using NetMRI, Banta’s IT staff would have spent days doing what NetMRI could do in just a matter of minutes. But the team needed more than that. They needed to know that on an on-going and long-term basis NetMRI would be the tool to save them money and staff time, not just a tool that provided a one-time fix. It quickly became apparent to the staff that NetMRI would indeed be able to save the company resources by avoiding unneeded troubleshooting on a consistent basis.

According to Derek Dolan, network engineer for Banta, “while we have a number of other tools we use for performance monitoring on the network, NetMRI is able to do more longterm analysis of issues than any other product we have. With our first level operations staff monitoring alerts from HP OpenView, they aren’t able to identify and track long-term trends.”


Now that Banta owns NetMRI, they have found that it cuts out a couple hours of work a day that previously consumed the IT staff. NetMRI can tell the staff what is on a specific network or group of networks, so they know what they are getting into before taking over management of another piece of the network. Additionally, as Banta’s team looks at strategic initiatives such as vendor consolidation and procurement centralization, NetMRI is in invaluable tool in determining realistic numbers for what is on the network—within minutes.

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