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Are you DNS aware? Learn more about DNS security on the inaugural DNS Awareness Day


Why DNS Awareness Day?

One year ago, we faced the most significant DDoS attack in history when DNS provider Dyn was hacked causing major websites like Netflix, Airbnb and Twitter to go offline. In the year since the attack we’ve noticed a glaring problem, organizations are still not implementing best practices for DNS security and the next major DNS attack could be just around the corner. DNS Awareness Day is intended to educate organizations and internet users across the globe about best DNS security practices and drive awareness for the important role DNS should play in your company’s cybersecurity strategy.

“Silos still exist between network and security operation teams, letting DNS security strategies slip through the cracks, resulting in companies being vulnerable to attacks. Today, we’re celebrating DNS Awareness Day to bring attention to the important role DNS plays in creating a sound cybersecurity strategy.”

Nolan Greene, Senior Research Analyst, IDC


Watch the virtual event to find out how you can prevent and protect against cyber threats.

  • Cricket Liu and Matt Larson discussed a look back at the 2016 Dyn Attack and how to prepare when the next one strikes
  • Learn how you can automate, Integrate and Elevate Your Security from the Core
  • Watch an interactive demo to see first-hand how attackers can steal your data through your DNS

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