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Reports and comments from independent analysts

Infoblox operates in more than 25 countries and counts as its customers some of the world's largest businesses, including more than one-third of the Fortune 500. Infoblox products provide its more than 7,500 customers in a variety of industries competitive differentiation in network automation, virtualization, business continuity, mobility and other network applications. Here are recent reports and comments from independent analysts on Infoblox products, markets, and technologies.


Relevant Quotes

Enterprise Management Associates

"Enterprise environments are vulnerable as everything goes IP; the explosion of IP-enabled devices, coupled with a transition from IPv4 to IPv6, is going to create IP management chaos. Poorly managed IP networks will lead to increased network downtime or failed network segments. Now more than ever it is important that IT departments take the time to examine their DNS and DHCP systems and ensure that these systems can keep pace as more pressure is placed on IP-based networks."

Tracy Corbo, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates


"The network infrastructure that supports a virtualized or cloud infrastructure needs to be at least as reliable and as dynamic as the new cloud-based, virtualized server infrastructure. If this is not the case, cloud initiatives will flounder on unreliable network architecture and services, limiting extensibility and the benefits that can ultimately be realized by an enterprise."

"Lack of visibility creates havoc for the network administrators when a problem occurs at the virtual machine level and halts an organization's ability to maintain mission critical service levels. As a result, demand for Infoblox solutions will increase."

Lucinda Borovick, Research Vice President, IDC

Yankee Group

"The Infoblox appliance handles DNS, DHCP and IPAM more effectively than existing solutions and those of some competitors. It also supports the new IPv6 numbering system for IP addresses, which is the successor to IPv4 addresses."

"Infoblox has better scalability, automation and real-time control versus other solution providers in this space. I thought the 4010 announcement evolves this market in a direction that is consistent with the current IT trends, such as the consumerization of IT."

"DNS is an essential technology to keeping end users and their smartphones, laptops and businesses connected to the Internet. To address the ever-expanding volume of DNS queries, while boosting reliability and reducing the administrative burden, service providers need a new level of DNS performance and scalability with central management capabilities."

Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst with ZK Research & Affiliate Analyst, Yankee Group