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Infoblox Software Only Extended
Maintenance Service Terms

For Infoblox products operating specific NIOS Software release versions identified by Infoblox (“Covered Versions”), Infoblox may make available the Extended Maintenance Service for EOSD Software Versions described below (“Version Extended Maintenance”). Standard Infoblox Maintenance Services do not include creation of new fixes, patches, maintenance releases or feature additions or requests for any version release that is past the EOSD date (as defined in Infoblox’s published End of Life Policy available at If made available for a release version and purchased by Customer, Version Extended Maintenance begins upon the EOSD date announced by Infoblox for the Covered Version. Except for the supplemental terms for Covered Versions as described below, Infoblox’s standard terms and service levels for the applicable maintenance program (Premium, Elite, ISP, MSP or Partner) continue to apply to covered product units. These Extended Maintenance Service Terms for EOSD Software Versions supplement Infoblox’s standard terms and service levels applicable to product units for which Version Extended Maintenance has been purchased. Infoblox’s standard Maintenance Service terms for end users are available at Product units must be under a current Infoblox maintenance service contract in order to be eligible for purchase of Version Extended Maintenance.

1. Covered Versions. Version Extended Maintenance below applies only to Covered Versions. Covered Versions will be identified by Infoblox as numbers to the left and right of the decimal point (i.e., Version X.y). A current list of Covered Versions is available upon request.

2. Security Fixes and Patches. Provision of new code fixes, patches and updates under Version Extended Maintenance is limited to security vulnerabilities for Covered Versions. Version Extended Maintenance does not include updates or upgrades with new functionality or code fixes or patches for prior release levels. Although Infoblox will use reasonable efforts to provide security fixes and patches for Covered Versions, in some cases it may not be practical or optimal to attempt to provide a patch or fix for a Covered Version, and addressing security vulnerability may require upgrade to a current release version.

3. Fees. Extended Version Maintenance requires payment of additional fees above standard Premium, Elite, ISP, MSP or Partner maintenance service fees. If Infoblox consents to make Version Extended Maintenance available for Customer’s product units, then such availability is contingent upon Customer waiving any commitments regarding renewal prices or limiting maintenance fee increases for the purchase of Extended Maintenance Service.

4. No Renewals. Extended Version Maintenance is not subject to renewal.

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