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Infoblox Community
Superuser Program

As with any community, there are always special members who go above and beyond in sharing their knowledge, experience and insights with others. They enrich the journey for all of us. The Infoblox Superuser program formally honors and celebrates these individuals and gives them a well-deserved platform for industry recognition, while giving them opportunities to contribute directly to Infoblox product innovation.

Who are Infoblox Superusers?

Superusers are Infoblox Community members who consistently:

  • Make helpful contributions to our community forums.
  • Inspire others to push boundaries and find solutions to difficult challenges.
  • Respond to questions in timely and positive ways that move discussions forward.
  • Demonstrate domain expertise relevant to Infoblox customers.

What are the benefits of being an Infoblox Superuser?

  • Community recognition. Superusers are recognized with a special (otherwise un-achievable) rank and a special Community badge.
  • Exclusive access. Exchange insights and feedback with key executives, thought leaders, and Product Development at Infoblox.
  • Sweet swag! You’ll be eligible to receive exclusive branded swag as a part of your participation in the program.

How can I be considered for the program?

We’re always on the lookout for new candidates and regularly review community activity from all users to identify the best ones. To be a Superuser you must be part of a company that has a current relationship with Infoblox—either as a customer or a partner.

You’re likely to be on our radar if:

  • You’re posting useful comments to the Infoblox Community several times a month.
  • Your responses regularly get accepted as solutions.

After reviewing your activity in the community, if we feel you have what it takes to be a Superuser we’ll be in touch to invite you to join the program.

What attributes make a great Superuser?

Attributes of Superusers show through in the way they engage in the community:

  • You are involved. You know that community is a powerful tool, and you love networking and interacting with others.
  • You are well tempered. You can have a healthy discussion with another member and don’t blow up if things get a little heated.
  • You are an advocate. You have a keen interest in Infoblox, our solutions,how to make them better and the business domains we work in.

In addition, Superusers are role models that display:

  • Candor. We’re direct, we’re open and we hold each other accountable.
  • Passion. We inspire with our curiosity, love of learning, relentless focus and integrity.
  • Professionalism. We strive to improve, add skills and hold ourselves to the highest ethics.
  • Conviction. We measure our successes, learn from our failures and are accountable.
  • Appreciation. We recognize people who do extraordinary things.

How much of a commitment is it for me to be part of the program?

We’d love it if you contributed regularly, but we also understand that sometimes you need to take a break, and that’s okay! This shouldn’t be your second full-time job, but a hobby you enjoy in your free time.

Keep your contributions coming!:

Whether you strive to become a Superuser or just want to make a difference, your brilliant contributions are what make our community amazing. We are constantly awestruck by how willing you are to connect with each other, give insights to the business and trust us and each other to create solutions. You can share your knowledge with your peers by posting on the Infoblox Community page which can be found at

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