Cloud Computing and Automated Network Control

Cloud Computing and Automated Network Control

Organizations are turning to private cloud technology because it promises wider availability of applications, increased productivity, and greater flexibility. Virtual environments are gaining acceptance as organizations are realizing faster time to value and infrastructure cost savings.

Private clouds bring additional challenges to network operation, however. Frequent re-configurations can compromise network stability, which can pose risks to business continuity.

Legacy systems for network management and control, including spreadsheets, basic protocol servers, custom software, and other manual processes, cannot meet the demands of cloud computing. Automated network control solutions address the several challenges of private clouds head on, and allow organizations to realize the benefits of cloud computing while mitigating the risks and challenges.

Private Clouds Demand Dynamic Infrastructure

Among the ways network automation helps enable cloud computing are:

  • Taking over the manual, error-prone processes of provisioning devices, including DNS, DHCP and IP address management
  • Detecting network changes and assessing their impact to help with troubleshooting, and also notifying in real time when issues are detected
  • Knowing and showing who is on the network, where and when at any given time, as well as archiving historical configurations
  • Making configuration changes on a wide number of devices from a central location automatically
  • Updating the network per user needs and reallocating resources on the fly
  • Obtaining a current inventory of all components on the network, and detecting compliance and policy failures in real time
  • Tracking and managing the IP addresses of all virtual devices, including routers and switches, as they enter and leave the network
  • Backing up all IPs and network configurations on a near real-time basis, allowing restoration to take place in a matter of minutes

Automated network control solutions from Infoblox enable cloud-readiness all across your network, making your operation more efficient, more cost-effective and safer. Automation allows your workers to be more productive, improves your compliance and security issues, diminishes the risk of failure and ensures safe and immediate disaster recovery.

Tune Your Network Strategy for the Demands of Private Cloud

Download the 2011 Cloud Networking Report by Dr. Jim Metzler to learn why traditional network management strategies are inefficient for managing cloud deployments.

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