DNS & DHCP Core Services

DNS & DHCP Core Services

Build bulletproof, scalable and efficient networks

The Trinzic Network Services and Management family of products enable companies to manage, control, and optimize DNS, DHCP, and other services. The product family leverages existing investments, paves the way to the cloud, and ensures network services uptime.

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The Infoblox DNS & DHCP Core Services family of products:

Infoblox Trinzic® DDI

Bulletproof, scalable and secure network services

Infoblox Grid™

Unparalleled foundation for network control

Infoblox Load Balancer Manager

Direct your traffic managers

Infoblox Trinzic® Reporting

Detailed visibility at your fingertips

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For maximum flexibility, Infoblox technology is available on purpose-built physical appliances as well as on a variety of virtual platforms, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. To find out what’s right for your needs, check out our appliance catalog.


Are You Ready for Total Control of Your Network?


DNS, IP address management, and network automation tools.


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Fault-proof, Secure Network Services and IPAM

This product family provides built-in support for network services including DNS, DNSSEC, DHCP, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and NTP. The product family leverages the robust, real-time data from the embedded network database that is managed by the Trinzic IP Address Management (IPAM) product line.

Powerful Add-On Capabilities

The Trinzic network product family provides powerful add-on capabilities such as monetizing DNS functions and reporting DNS performance. For example, the NXDOMAIN feature enables service providers and large enterprises to control the handling of errors customers make while trying to find websites on the Internet. The Trinzic Reporting Server provides long-term network reporting, trending and tracking.

Turbocharge and Interoperate with Partner Offerings

The product family interoperates with partner offerings from Microsoft, VMware, F5, BMC, and others to enable new capabilities, minimize operational overhead, and maximize security. For example, the Infoblox IPAM Plug-in for VMware provides an industry first – the capability to provision a VMware Virtual Machine with an IP address automatically in minutes rather than waiting days to weeks for manual processes.

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