Infoblox Plug-in for VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Infoblox Plug-in for VMware vCenter Orchestrator
Automate IP Address Provisioning for Virtual Machines

The Infoblox VMware plug-in was developed for and is delivered with the VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO), which works in tandem with the VMware vCloud Director (vCD). This plug-in automates the processes of providing an IP address to a newly created virtual machine, updating DNS and configuring network devices quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Provision systems in minutes, instead of days, with automated IP address provisioning for Cloud infrastructure and services by enabling automatic IP allocation and de-allocation as VMs are spun up and shut down
  • Simplify troubleshooting and reduce downtime with real-time visibility into physical and virtualized network infrastructure
  • Manage movement between VM clusters easily with synchronization of critical DNS, DHCP and IP address services

System Requirements

  • A system that is capable of running VMware vCloud Director and vCenter Orchestrator
  • vNIOS 5.1r5-8, 6.2.6, 6.3.0 and above are supported
  • VMware vCenter Orchestrator (5.1)
  • VMware vCloud Director (5.1)
  • A web browser that supports JavaScript

Download the VMware Plug-in

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