DNS Advisor

DNS Advisor
Online Tool for Testing the Configuration, Consistency & Security of Your DNS

Developed by Cricket Liu, an authority on the Domain Name System and the co-author of all of O'Reilly & Associates' Nutshell Handbooks on DNS, this free tool will test the configuration, consistency, and security of your external DNS configuration.

This DNS Advisor tests over 50 different facets of your zone and name servers' configuration, and interprets the results—providing valuable insights you can use to implement DNS best practices in your network:

  • Checks for open recursion that can leave servers vulnerable to cache poisoning and DDos attacks
  • Verifies that you are running a recent and secure version of your name server software, which can help prevent network downtime
  • Identifies single points of failure that can compromise network availability
  • Checks IPv6 support and configuration for name servers and mail servers

At the end of the test, you will have an opportunity to download an assessment report (.pdf) with an executive summary on how to address any shortcomings in your environment.

Access DNS Advisor

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